(GPUaaS) Graphics Processing Unit as a Service

Consultel Cloud GPUaaS provides best in class NVIDIA® DGX-2TM GPU servers coupled with NetApp® AFF storage systems to enable the next generation of machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) applications. This delivers extreme performance and industry-leading hybrid cloud data management capabilities. Together with NetApp ONTAP® AI infrastructure we offer customers a turnkey solution for supporting AI and ML workloads with enterprise-class performance, reliability, and support.

To provide customer enablement (if required) we can provide tools to automatically detect GPUs and make them available. In order to maximize utilization of this powerful resource IT administrators can configure, scale and allow fine-grained access control of GPU resources to end users.

With GPUaaS, you also get access to our AI expertise, extensive training and technical capabilities that can jump-start your projects. Our dedicated team can assist with prescriptive guidance and design expertise. Our technical team ensures your AI applications are fully supported.

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How can GPUaaS help?

Big Data Analysis

GPUaaS removes the barriers of traditional silos between compute and storage which slows down agility of your Big Data initiatives.  It is available as a shared platform for data scientists to model and analyze large volumes of data.

Artificial Intelligence

Elastic provisioning for GPU-accelerated applications, while sharing and allocating GPU infrastructure resources across multiple AI applications requiring advanced analytics.

Machine Learning (ML)

ML on our GPU’s provides capabilities to:

  • Deploy models built with open source tools.
  • Dynamically retrain models
  • Automatically generate APIs to build AI-powered applications.
  • Streamline model management and deployment.