What We Offer

We can offer you an easier path to the cloud, whether you want to offload some virtual machines, create new applications or migrate legacy workloads, Consultel Cloud stands as an easy-to-start solution that’s ready to scale with your business.

NetApp HCI aaS

Launched in 2017, NetApp HCI is the industry’s first enterprise-scale hyper converged infrastructure solution that delivers guaranteed performance, independent scaling, and Data Fabric integration. Customers will be able to leverage NetApp HCI through a consumption purchase model for the first time, offering cloud-like flexibility to simplify technology acquisition through Consultel Cloud’s platform.

Cloud AI-aaS

We are excited to have launched AI-aaS thanks to a new product launch collaboration with NetApp. This means we are the first in Australia to offer the service which uses AI and data in a consumption model to identify great efficiencies for businesses with less risk and cost than traditional models, to deliver digital transformation to impact bottom line and provide competitive advantage.

Cloud Solutions

Consultel Cloud provides a simple, secure and cost-effective platform for organisations to store and manage their data in the cloud. Our AI offering will drive greater insight from your data. We enable your business to improve its technology utilisation today and into the future.

How can cloud storage enhance your business and increase productivity?

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Our Difference

We provide real value to businesses

This company knows their stuff when it comes to Cloud.
Peace of mind is the words that come to mind when I think of Consultel Cloud.

Luke Trewin, Modern Visual

I was able to offload one of the key headaches I had. It was one of the key responsibilities that keeps me up at night. Being able to offload the backups was a big relief.

Consultel Cloud has saved my business a nice fortune and made my business run much more effectively, thanks to the team for all their help and support, it has gone a long way!