Access to a best-in-breed cloud service gateway.

Consultel Cloud’s success stems from partnerships with leading storage and cloud data service providers.

We partner with major technology vendors such as NetApp, a market leader in solid-state storage technology, and global powerhouse Equinix, the largest centre for interconnected data centre to deliver superior cloud performance.

Partner Features
• Centralised cloud storage: Hyper converged infrastructure (HCI) combines compute and storage into a single scalable platform, and controls it through a single management platform.

• Quality of Service: the storage and compute can scale independently of one another whilst maintaining guaranteed performance

• Innovative: Data management technology is more cost-efficient and high-performing.

• More information: About NetApp

• Interconnection: Equinix Cloud Exchange is gateway to multiple cloud service providers including SAP, Microsoft Azure and AWS across over 180+ data centres

• Scale: 500+ cloud companies around the world; 87% of the world’s internet traffic flows through 180+ data centres around the world

• Reliable: >99.99999% uptime

• More information: Equinix website

Consultel Cloud offers NetApp HCI as-a-service (HCIaaS) and combines this with the Equinix Cloud Exchange product to offer a world-class cloud service; pay-as-you-go.