Consultel Cloud AI-aaS

Artificial Intelligence as a service

AIaaS equipment. ONTAP AIData is changing the world fundamentally.

AI-aaS provides the ability to support three important business needs;
– Automating business processes
– Ability to gain cognitive insight through data analysis
– Engagement with customers and employees through AI

We are excited to have launched AAI-aaS thanks to a new product launch collaboration with NetApp. This means we are the first in Australia to offer the service which uses AI and data in a consumption model to identify great efficiencies for businesses with less risk and cost than traditional models, to deliver digital transformation to impact bottom line and provide competitive advantage.

Just like our HCI cloud offerings, the ability to use AI in a consumption model allows you to grow and scale at your own pace.

The technology is powered by ONTAP-AI with reference architecture with NetApp and NVIDIA with data hosted in Equinix, in Port Melbourne.

Take advantage of NVIDIA’s leadership in AI and GPU computing, combined with NetApp’s innovation in cloud-connected all flash storage systems. Talk to us today.

Data Has Transformative Value

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