Danger Ahead: Overcoming Roadblocks to Hybrid Cloud

Any seasoned driver knows there are different rules of the road depending on where you’re going. Driving on a highway is a much different experience than traveling backroads – with varying speeds, traffic patterns, and roadblocks. This means…

Consultel Cloud Presents At NetApp Insights Vegas 2018

At NetApp Insight™, NetApp’s annual three-day technical training conference, attendees heard more about becoming a data visionary. Consultel Cloud were honored to not only be invited to attend but also present a keynote and numerous other…

Australian Privacy Legislation And The Cloud – Are You Compliant?

One of the great challenges for businesses and organisations at any level is ensuring compliance with legislation. In this blog we discuss what you need to comply with Australian law, how you can protect yourself and what to be aware of.

IaaS Demand In Asia Drives Equinix & Consultel Cloud Expansion With New Data Centre

Australian-based cloud solutions provider, Consultel Cloud has announced that due to global demand the business has expanded its data centre locations to Singapore to service their clients whose needs for secure cloud-based solutions cross into Asia.


Adcorp Australia joined Consultel Cloud as a client approximately three years ago. Consultel Cloud provides the company with Professional Services and Backup as a Service. We spoke to their Technical Services Manager, Peter Ha who oversees all of their IT to find out about his relationship with Consultel Cloud and how it has made a difference to Adcorp.

The Sky Is The Only Limit In Cloud Computing

When talking to a friend about storing some important documents in the cloud recently, he pointed to the sky and laughed. Most people have little idea about cloud computing other than knowing it’s a data centre somewhere.
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CASE STUDY: Bondi Blue Vodka Implements Remote Access Solution

Bondi Blue Vodka engaged Consultel Cloud in July 2018 to implement a Citrix remote access solution which is running on NetApp Hyper Converged Infrastructure (HCI).

Consultel Cloud helps mining grow

Since its launch in 2013, Consultel Cloud has provided tailored hybrid cloud solutions to aid mining businesses. Australian Mining speaks to cloud division lead Benjamin Molloy.

Consultel Cloud Accelerates Customer Growth with HCI as a Service

Australia-based Consultel Cloud leverages an HCI from NetApp to shatter expectations of cloud economics and accelerate customers’ ability to expand into new business opportunities.