About Consultel Cloud

Consultel Cloud is an IT consultancy that delivers expertise in hybrid cloud solutions for all businesses. We take pride in taking the necessary steps to provide you with the greatest value.

Our focus is on delivering cloud infrastructure to enhance your business’ efficiency, productivity, and reliability so you can compete and grow in today’s high-tech environment.

Our Principles

Our Mission

Consultel Cloud’s mission is to make our cloud platform a simple, secure, and cost-effective way for organisations to store and manage their data in the cloud.

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Consultel Cloud Leadership

Consultel Cloud David Coombe

David Coombe

General Manager

Consultel Cloud Benjamin Molloy

Benjamin Molloy

Cloud Division Lead

Gary Cakir


Consultel Cloud Tom Brunning

Tom Brunning

Business Development Manager

Consultel Cloud Tracy Liew

Tracy Liew

Senior Consultant

We provide real value to businesses

This company knows their stuff when it comes to Cloud.
Peace of mind is the words that come to mind when I think of Consultel Cloud.

Luke Trewin, Modern Visual

I was able to offload one of the key headaches I had. It was one of the key responsibilities that keeps me up at night. Being able to offload the backups was a big relief.

Consultel Cloud has saved my business a nice fortune and made my business run much more effectively, thanks to the team for all their help and support, it has gone a long way!