Organisation Profile

Organisation Name- AusNet Services


Location- Australia

Industry- Energy

The Challenge:

Owning and operating data centres that require major capital expenditure and carry long-term risks

AusNet Services own and operate the Victorian electricity transmission network, one of five electricity distribution networks, and one of three gas distribution networks in Victoria. As well as the network businesses, their commercial business – Mondo – provides a range of energy and infrastructure products and services to business, government, communities and households.

AusNet Services own and operate their own data centres which is a long-term risk and requires major capital investment. They wanted to change this and have a long-term plan to move as much of the workload from their data centre into private and public cloud services. Before completely migrating their on-premise workload to the cloud, AusNet Services was keen to have some presence and extend their network boundary in a Co-Location facility and have a cloud gateway style experience with a point of presence into the cloud providers.

The Solution:

Defining and executing a cloud strategy

Rangana Perera, Head of Workplace Experience, Infrastructure, Cloud & Telecommunication Technologies at AusNet Services, elaborates “We learnt from Consultel Cloud’s experience of operating out of Co-Location data centres and their expertise in stretching customer workloads into the cloud. Consultel Cloud helped us define an enterprise cloud gateway model. Prior to the cloud migration, the team from Consultel Cloud worked on developing a high-level solution architecture for us. They also developed the bill of materials so we could procure what we needed to set that up.”

Consultel Cloud helped Ausnet Services progress their data centre exit strategy with a point of presence at the Equinix data centre and this will provide them the ability to expand workload if the current workload did not suit the cloud. AusNet Services are currently halfway through the cloud gateway initiative and plan to complete that by the end of 2020 and transfer some of data centre workload into the cloud in the first half of 2021.

The work that Consultel Cloud did to help AusNet Services define their cloud strategy and solution, has given them the ability to maintain that solution. The estimates and the design work that was done upfront is still holding true today. By the time the gateway strategy is finished AusNet Services will be able to migrate workloads into the cloud and minimise investments in their data centres.

Rangana Perera, Head of Workplace Experience, Infrastructure, Cloud & Telecommunication Technologies at AusNet Services concludes, “The engagement with Consultel Cloud was fantastic. In addition to their technical expertise, it was good to see the estimates from the planning stage were accurate when we started to execute the project. We continue to implement the original conceptual design that Consultel Cloud developed for us. They helped us steer our long-term strategy and made it real for us.”