Organisation Profile:

Organisation Name- AFAC


Location- Australia

Industry- Health and Safety

The Challenge:

On premise infrastructure and legacy systems increasing the risk of breach

AFAC is the Australian and New Zealand National Council for fire, emergency services and land management. They are the facilitators and custodians of contemporary fire and emergency service knowledge and practice. AFAC members support Australian and New Zealand communities through mitigation and response phases of emergency management and the transition to recovery.

Prior to partnering with Consultel Cloud for their cloud solution, AFAC held all their infrastructure on premises and did not have a cloud strategy. The ability to keep up with the changing threats related to on premise server rooms was not our expertise and became a burden on the internal IT team. Maintaining a lot of legacy IT systems and infrastructure local heightened the risk of breach for AFAC.

Shreyash Raju Sakunala, IT Manager, AFAC elaborates, “We stored all our data on premises. This meant that we were more prone to security threats and did not have the ability to scale in the long run. We had heard about hyper converged solutions, but Consultel Cloud showed us how we could benefit from it.”

The Solution:

A scalable cloud strategy and movement of legacy systems to private cloud

When data is stored off-site via cloud – employees, vendors and visitors are physically separated from other mission-critical data. Consultel Cloud helped AFAC understand hyper converged infrastructure (HCI) which combines compute and storage into a single and scalable platform controlled via a single management platform. Both storage and compute can also scale independently while maintaining performance.

The technical staff at Consultel Cloud worked closely with the AFAC IT team to develop their cloud strategy. This was followed by the successful move of all legacy systems from AFAC premises to Consultel Cloud’s private cloud. The HCI-as-a-Service offering drives incredibly dynamic access to data, ensuring AFAC can easily expand, contract and adapt based on their unique needs.

As Shreyash Raju Sakunala, IT Manager, AFAC concludes “Consultel Cloud modernized our cloud framework and gave us the ability to set a new strategic vision to move forward. They have strong technical knowledge and provide great customer service, going above and beyond to meet our ongoing requirements. We see Consultel Cloud as our long-term strategic partners”.