Are you ready for support for Windows Server 2008 and 2008 R2 to end on the 14th of January 2020? Your infrastructure and applications will be unsupported and unprotected. This status means that the system will not receive support which includes no ability to patch the system, representing an operational support risk and a security risk to your organisation.

Consultel Cloud will waive the costs* to migrate your legacy architecture to the cloud when you move to HCI as a Service.

Consultel Cloud’s Private Cloud can provision servers on-demand, without CAPEX spend, in an agile fashion enabling you to build a new instance and migrate workload onto this server.

The server will be secure in one of our cloud deployments, and your data will be securely stored within our storage systems based on your data security requirements and backed up to ensure the availability of your environment.

Consultel Cloud’s Private Cloud is available on a consumption model with no hidden or variable costs. What you are quoted for is what you get (with the exception of your growing resource needs).

In the event that you don’t have the skillset to manage your “Cloud Hosted” server deployment, Consultel Cloud can provide you with an operational management function that gives you the assurance of your system being operational, available, and secure.

Why NetApp HCI aaS?
Launched in 2017, NetApp HCI is the industry’s first enterprise-scale hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI) solution that delivers guaranteed performance, independent scaling, and Data Fabric integration. Customers will be able to leverage NetApp HCI through a consumption purchase model, offering cloud-like flexibility to simplify technology acquisition through Consultel Cloud’s platform.

Consultel Cloud’s Australian client base spans multiple sectors and organisations, who are looking for highly customisable technology environments which take advantage of cutting-edge technology solutions, to ensure guaranteed performance and reliability. As a result, Consultel Cloud has standardised its platform on NetApp all-flash storage, providing next-generation data centre capabilities at a competitive price point. NetApp HCI as a Service will allow customers to purchase from Consultel Cloud in a cost-effective and predictable OPEX arrangement and further benefit from the service provider’s expertise in hybrid cloud data management.

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