Company: Adcorp Australia 

Client: Peter Ha, Technical Services Manager

Solution: Adcorp Australia joined Consultel Cloud as a client approximately three years ago. Consultel Cloud provides the company with Professional Services and Backup as a Service. We spoke to their Technical Services Manager, Peter Ha who oversees all of their IT to find out about his relationship with Consultel Cloud and how it has made a difference to Adcorp.

Adcorp Australia are a full-service agency offering integrated services across creative, media planning and buying, digital, video production and marketing consulting services.

From digital strategy and development through to employer brand consulting; property marketing solutions through to student attraction; government communications through to brand development; media strategy through to brand activations; our skills and expertise are well proven and effective.

How did you come across Consultel Cloud?
I came across Consultel Cloud by word of mouth, about three years ago.

What did you engage Consultel Cloud to do for Adcorp?
We originally engaged Consultel Cloud for backups and disaster recovery. We have legacy architecture that required more hands on deck to run it and it kept everyone extremely busy during business hours. We needed to move away from tapes etc to cloud. Because the cost of running a second VDC was more than we wanted, there was more value in a cloud solution. I was looking for a company to oversee the whole lot which is what has happened. We’ve also seen some cost savings.

When putting companies forward for Adcorp, I’m quite conscious of what I put on the table.

What made you choose Consultel Cloud over other cloud solution providers?
I chose Consultel Cloud for the offerings that they have. I also really like being able to just talk to someone local. Both my account manager and service centre are Australian based like me.

It’s a key relationship that the business needs to have with the vendor, so I was picky over who I chose for the engagement.

What is the key value of Consultel Cloud for you?
I was able to offload one of the key headaches I had. It was one of the key responsibilities that keeps me up at night. Being able to offload the backups was a big relief.

If you had advice for anyone thinking of making the jump to a similar solution what would you say?
If you are looking to go down the cloud path, always consider the costs against the time.