Company: Bondi Blue Vodka

ClientJesse Rugolo, Director & Founder

Solution: Bondi Blue Vodka engaged Consultel Cloud in July 2018 to implement a Citrix remote access solution which is running on NetApp Hyper Converged Infrastructure (HCI).

Bondi Blue Vodka is a privately owned Australian company. The product is carefully distilled five times from the finest Aussie grains. After achieving the highest level of quality, the heart of the spirit is blended with only the purest Australian waters sourced from naturally filtered ancient catchments. We spoke to Jesse Rugolo the Director & Founder of Bondi Blue Vodka to find out how his relationship and with Consultel Cloud has made a difference to the business.

How did you come across Consultel Cloud?
I was looking for IT solutions and Consultel Cloud were the most professional and in-depth in regard to what I was looking for.

What did you engage Consultel Cloud to do for Bondi Blue Vodka?
I needed more on-the-go reporting and access to files and invoicing etc. Now I can invoice when I am out and about on the go which saves me a lot of time and I can see it essentially like I see a desktop with the Citrix integration. It’s easier to use and is so much less time consuming so I can focus on my business.

What made you choose Consultel Cloud over other cloud solution providers?
It was the team’s professionalism and the more personal approach to working with me rather than working with a big business who didn’t really care. I really enjoy working with Benjamin Molloy. They made an effort to understand my business and what I was looking for.

What is the key value of Consultel Cloud for you?
The key value is time management. I get more time back to focus on more important things.

If you had advice for anyone thinking of making the jump to a similar solution what would you say?
Do it, because honestly, it’s not an expensive cost for the time that it saves you and the system that it can implement.