This was first published on NetApp‘s website as a partner Success Story. 

Australia-based Consultel Cloud leverages an HCI from NetApp to shatter expectations of cloud economics and accelerate customers’ ability to expand into new business opportunities. The company launched its HCI as a service offering—the first of its kind—bringing unmatched scalability and cloud choice to customers. To do so, the company innovated its business, becoming a leader in hybrid cloud solutions and expanding its services to customers globally.

“We can guarantee data sovereignty and security while still providing access to multiple clouds.”
Benjamin Molloy
Division Lead at Consultel Cloud

Consultel customers span industries including banking, healthcare, construction, retail, and more. With over 20 years of experience, the Australia-based company is a respected leader in telecommunications and IT consulting services. Consultel’s customers are located mainly in the United States, United Kingdom, and Australasia, and they have looked to the company to guide them through infrastructure projects large and small. But over the past 10 years, as customers began to take advantage of the cloud, Consultel saw unexpected consequences of speedy migrations taking a toll. Cost, performance, and security were all areas that customers struggled to understand in the vast new technology landscape.

“So many customers were quickly jumping into the cloud without a clear idea of how to effectively manage those offerings,” explains Benjamin Molloy, division lead at Consultel Cloud. “In some cases, they were getting additional bills of $90,000 a month.”

In 2015, the company launched Consultel Cloud, its cloud services division. As the division expanded, however, its existing infrastructure created bottlenecks. “It was expensive, and we had difficulty getting the service we needed to guarantee performance for our customers,” says Molloy. “We had to rip everything out after just one year.”

Today, Consultel Cloud is 100% NetApp. “The NetApp products are outstanding, and the support has been amazing,” says Molloy. Leveraging Data Fabric–ready products from the NetApp portfolio, including NetApp HCI, Consultel Cloud built its cloud platform inside Equinix. The new platform provides customers with choice in cloud connectivity and the flexibility to scale seamlessly according to their business needs. The company almost halved its storage costs while providing customers with increased performance through a cost-effective consumption model.

“Our mission is to deliver value from the cloud to existing businesses and to position customers to evolve to the next stage,” says Molloy. “Our business is the same—we have to identify opportunities and get them to market as quickly as possible.”

Today, Consultel Cloud leverages NetApp HCI in Equinix data centers across Melbourne, Sydney, New York, and London. The Equinix Cloud Exchange Fabric provides access to more than 180 cloud service providers, including SAP, Microsoft Azure, and AWS. This infrastructure eliminates bottlenecks, guarantees data security because data never leaves Equinix, and provides access to any cloud.

Within NetApp HCI, Consultel Cloud can manage mixed workloads, provide customers with the flexibility to scale up and down as needed, and guarantee performance. “Our customer SLAs include cost penalties for nonperformance.
With NetApp, we’ve never had an SLA issue,” says Molloy. “We can guarantee performance and flexibility to our customers.”

Consultel Cloud now deploys new environments for customers faster and more cost effectively than ever before. “The faster we can deploy them, the faster customers can implement into their businesses,”
says Molloy. With a templated approach based upon its own infrastructure, the company can deliver a proof of concept in days and has shortened deployment time for a new environment from seven weeks to four.

Consultel Cloud experienced so much value from NetApp HCI that it transitioned it into its newest service offering. Customer deployments are delivered in record time. Customers can utilize any cloud they want with huge performance increases, predictable costs, and the knowledge that all their data is managed inside a secure environment.
“Customer data never leaves Equinix,” explains Molloy. “We can guarantee data sovereignty and security while still providing access to multiple clouds.”

Consultel Cloud’s experience and innovative solutions are supporting
customers from across the globe. “We serve our existing customerbase from our telecom roots, but we have a great deal of organic growth happening as well,” says Molloy. “We are expecting 25% to 30% growth in the next 12 months.” With the NetApp infrastructure in place providing all the benefits of the next-generation data center, the company is confident it can scale to meet its customers’ growth as well.

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